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People trip me out. Let me start with this, people who know me know I’m a sports fan no matter what. Yes, I have my favorite team in every league or sport or however you want to clasify it. But, this is what gets me…people are like your favorite team is out of whatever is going on now, so why you still predicting? Well, for everyone who has asked me that here is my answer. 

No matter what, my first choice will always be for my team to go all the way in any sport. Sometimes my prediction are right, like Duke Men’s Basketball winning the NCAA Tournament this year. Most of the time, my predictions don’t hold up. If my team is, say in the playoffs, duh they will be my pick. Now, if they aren’t, for example, Miami not in the NBA playoffs, I will make my predictions from the teams that are playing. Even if my team is in the playoffs, etc, and I feel like there is a better team playing as well, I will pick who I think is the better team to win it. Just because I have favorites don’t mean I don’t weight out every other team.
As a sports fan and hopefully a future broadcaster/analyst/ anything in the sports world really, I look at things maybe a little different from others. I read as much as I can, follow everything as close as I can, and have all kind of alerts sent to my phone daily. It is a passion more than anything. It’s more than just being a fan and sitting back and watching it for fun. Yes, I find watching sports fun and playing them as well but I love the details, the story lines, the stats as well.
And for those wondering, here are my favorite teams:
NBA-Miami Heat
MLB-Atlanta Braves
CFB & WCBB- SC Gamecocks
MEN’S CB- Duke Blue Devils
VOLLEYBALL- Penn State Nitty Lions
NFL-Seattle Seahawks
If you have any other questions I will answer them!

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