Greenwood to Spain; Fuller Looks to Continue Basketball Career


As anybody who loves the game, the dream to continue to play is always there. For Greenwood SC native Landerius Fuller, the next step in continuing his basketball career is soon to start.

Fuller, 25, will soon be traveling to Girona, Spain to continue his dream of playing professional basketball. He will be playing at the Eurobasket International Academy. This academy sets up teams of players looking to play for a professional team. The teams created will play some of the best teams in Europe. They will have scouts and coaches at these games. Fuller isn’t under a contract but is instead there to earn his spot on a team.

Fuller played his high school ball at Greenwood High School, where he says he was never a standout player but always played a key part on the team. He has also played AAU basketball. Not being a standout didn’t hold him back from playing college basketball. After graduating GHS, Fuller went to Morris College in Sumter, SC where he then walked on to their basketball team. Before graduating, Fuller tried to play ABA but did not hear anything back after his tryout. He then went to work and even spent a little time in Texas as well.

Fuller will be joined by a friend and former teammate Zach Patterson. Patterson, also from Greenwood, has been playing with Fuller since their days at Northside Middle School. Patterson also went to Morris College but had to leave after one year. Besides playing middle school and high school basketball together, the two also played AAU together. Patterson will be leaving the college he attends in Texas to travel to Spain with Fuller.

Fuller also has helped with basketball camps with former Lander University player and former assistant coach Sean Mims. Mims is now a middle school teacher in Greenwood and helps coach his school’s basketball team.

Fuller and Patterson contacted the director of Eurobasket International Academy, Brad Kanis, through Facebook. They sent him their highlight video and he then invited them to come to his academy.

When Fuller was asked if there was anything he wanted to say about his journey he was quoted saying,”I’m just thankful and blessed for this opportunity in my life!! I’m really thankful for my college coach for giving me a chance to play basketball at Morris. He was like a pops to me I really looked up to him!! And I mean out of all the colleges in the whole he was the only one that seen my talent and had faith in me!!”

We will have a followup story if either sign with a professional team. For now we wish them the best of luck.

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