The Phillies; We are Hot 

Every year in baseball, there is going to be a team that is the worst in baseball. This year, as of right now, it is the Philadelphia Phillies. So, what is so special about them right now? Well it is their new found hot streak. 

Since July 17, the first day after the All Star break, the Phillies haven’t been the worst at all. They are 12-3 from the 17th until today. Before the break, the were 29-62. They still are last in NL East, NL Wildcard, 14.5 games behind the NL East leading Washington Nationals and of course, the worse in baseball. 

The Phillies season has been far from great. In June, their manager Ryne Sandberg resigned and that forced acting manager, Pete Mackanin to take over. But, that is not the focus here. 
The hit streak has even been through the trade deadline the seen 3 successful players leaving Philly. OF Ben Revere was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. Closer Jonathan Papelbon going to NL East rival the Washington Nationals. But maybe the biggest name was Cole Hamels. Hamels was a hometown kid for the Phillies. He is also known as their “World Series hero.” Hamels also joined a short group with being only the 3rd pitcher since 1900 to get traded and throw a no hitter in the same season. His no hitter was in his last start as a Philly against the Chicago Cubs. Hamels, 31, got traded to the Rangers. 

During this hit stretch, the Phillies have done a few things to help their record and not just by going 12-3. They have swept the Cubs and the Miami Marlins as well as winning series against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2-3) and the Atlanta Braves (3-4). The Marlins are the second worst team in baseball. They have had 2 extra inning games as well. 
If the Phillies finish with a losing record, the will have 3 straight losing season. In 2013 and 2014 they had a record of 73-89 both season and finished last in the NL East both times. 

It’s still to early to tell, but could this streak be one of the best comebacks in baseball or or they just have all parts of their team clicking at one time? Well, we will have to wait and see. 

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