4 Teams, 2 Brawls, 1 Day 


In sports we are used to a little push and shove going on. Baseball is known for some of the biggest brawls in sports. Today, MLB added two more brawls to their history. 
Let’s start with the longest of the day and maybe the one with a little more history to it. The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates have had a few issues with hitting each others hitters the past few years. Bleacher Report call it the “never-ending beanball war.” Since 2013 this series has had 62 hit by pitches with 34 of them being Reds and 28 Pirates. This “round” started Saturday when Marlon Byrd of the Reds was hit by RHP Joe Blanton. Byrd was almost hit in the face. Now today, it started in the 8th inning. The Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen was hit in the back by Reds RHP Pedro Villarreal. It was 91 mph. Bottom of the 8th then came up. Reds Brandon Phillips was hit with a 95 mph pitch by LHP Tony Watso. The benches and bullpens then cleared. Phillips and Byrd both had to be restrained. Pirates Sean Rodriguez was most involved on that side.  
This almost 9 minute brawl only lead to 3 ejections. Those were Byrd, Rodriguez and Reds Joey Votto. Both teams were warned. 
In the bottom on the 9th Pirates Mark Melancon was then ejected for hitting Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart. 
The Pirates have been the team hit most by pitches the past 2 years with 70 in 2013 and 88 last season in the majors. They currently lead this season with 59. Their pitches also leads the league in hitting batters with 55 so for this season. 
With that brawl taking almost 9 minutes to get cleared, the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royal brawl may seem quick to some. But, in inning, it was not. Theirs started in the first inning. Royals RHP Edinson Volques hit the Blue Jays 3B Josh Donaldson. Donaldson then gabe Volques “the glare.” Both benches was then warned. Now, in the 3rd inning Volques “pushed” Donaldson off the plate, almost hitting him in the head at 85mph. Bottom of the 7th Troy Tulowitzki was hit in the arm by Ryan Madson. Later, Donaldson was “pushed” back again. Top of the 8th Aaron Sanchez was ejected for hitting Alcides Escobar. The benched then cleared. 
After the game Volquez claimed Donaldson was crying and even called him a “little baby.” 
Now, we are left to wonder, what is going to happen when both of these match ups are up again. 
(Bleacher Report has video of both brawls. Go to their website to view them.)

2 thoughts on “4 Teams, 2 Brawls, 1 Day 

  1. I’m not the type who likes players getting hit with pitches cause it can cause injuries . but know there apart of the game . The umpires held the situations very well . I just wish throwing 100 mph fast balls at players weren’t needed . But aye some teams need something to get them motivated and fired up .


    1. The Royals are all about brawls this season. Even though they are the best AL team.


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