MLB Replay Done Right 


Last night in the Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves there were two replay calls that should be considered the best of the season. And they happened in the same inning. These calls ultimately lead to the Braves going up 2-0 in this 4 game series against their NL East foes. 
Let’s back up a little and recap the game up to this point. Braves scored 2 runs in the 4th inning. They held their lead until the top of the 7th when the Marlins went up 3-2. Now to the bottom of the 7th. The Braves loaded the bases and that brought up SS Castro. Castro grounded to third and Marlins 3rd baseman went home. Home Plate umpire called the runner out. Braves manager Fredi González challenged the call. It was a force play so Marlins catcher simply had to tag the plate. The call was overturned. On the replay, it showed once the Marlins catcher caught the ball he never touched home plate with his foot but instead tried to tag the runner but his foot had already crossed the plate. It was officially ruled as a fielder’s choice. 
Bases still loaded. Next at bat, Braves RF Nick Markakis singled to center. Two runs score but Castro was called out at 3rd. Braves challenged the call. After replay, the call was overturned again. The replay showed 3B Prado did not tag Castro in time. His foot was already on the bag before the tag was applied to his upper leg. Challenge won. Braves up 5-3. 
Castro scored on the next play and the Braves went on to win 6-3. 
The challenges may slow down the game that most say is already too long. In some cases, these challenges change the game and are really needed for the game to be called to the best of the umpires abilities. 

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