Root for the Home Team 


Tuesday August 11,2015, history was made in MLB. All 15 home teams won their games. According to Elias Sports Bureau, the closest record before this was on May 23, 1914 when 12 of the home teams won their games. 
The home teams showed to really be dominant. They outscored their visitors 80-32. These games included 4 shutouts. These were the Mets over Rookies 4-0, White Sox over Angels 3-0, Dodgers over Nationals 5-0 and the Rays over the Braves 2-0. 
Madison Bumgarner pitched a complete game in the Giants 3-1 victory over the Astros. While 3 games went into extra innings. The Mariners were taken into the 10th inning by the Orioles but a Austin Jackson RBI single won the game 5-4 for the Mariners. This was the last game to finish the “home team sweep.” The Marlins and Red Sox also went into the 10th inning. The Marlins came out on top with a single from Justin Bour that made it a 5-4 win. 
The Yankees at the Indians was the longest game of the day. In a total of 5 hours and 16 innings, the Indians finished the 5-4 victory with a Michael Brantley singled to right. 
Only two teams scored in double digits. The first being the Diamondbacks and the Phillies. The D-Backs beat the Phillies 13-1. It was the largest margin of victory of the day. The Reds were beat by the Padres 11-6 in the other double digit scoring game. 
The rest of the scores looked like this: 

  • Blue Jays over the A’s 4-2.
  • Cubs over the Brewers 6-3.
  • Royals over the Tigers 6-1.
  • Twins over the Rangers 3-2
  • Cardinals over the Pirates 4-3. 

While all the home teams ultimately came out on top, 7 of them trailed at some point during the game. And as you can see, 11 of the 15 winning teams scored at least 4 runs. 
This may have been a first for MLB, but is it the last? Most of these teams play each other again today but we will just have to keep watching and see. 

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