Let’s Talk; Tom Brady


Well football fans, it is official. Tom Brady will not miss any games this season. Well, as of right now.

This is what happened yesterday. From ESPN,

“A federal judge deflated Deflategate on Thursday, erasing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for a controversy that the NFL claimed threatened football’s integrity. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell went too far in affirming punishment of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Brady has insisted he played no role in a conspiracy to deflate footballs below the allowable limit at last season’s AFC Championship Game.”

So, Patriots fans are happy but, this is far from the right thing to do. First off, if this was any other team or player his ass will be gone by now. Banned from the NFL. But, no it’s Brady. He can literally cheat the game and go off free. Even after it was said that he demolished the phone that was supposed to sent the text messages. That even adds to the fact that he actually did it in my opinion.

I mean in baseball, Pete Rose was banned from anything MLB because he bet on MLB games. And up until a few weeks/months ago we thought he just bet after he finished playing. Then it took them from the 80’s until 2015 to even let him be around any MLB event. He is also the MLB career hits leader, by the way.

If this was the MLB, we would never see Tom Brady again. And that’s even if he was on of the best of all time. The judge isn’t even blaming him for anything. He is saying Goodell is trying to make an example out of him basically. But then, there are players like Ray Rice who got in trouble off the field, nothing directly related to the NFL and can’t get back in the league for anything right now. He never cheated the game. He never destroyed evidence. But isn’t going to be in a football field opening day like Brady.

The NFL, or maybe the judge the overturned the itty bitty four game suspension, has their morals a little wrong. Goodell and the NFL are planning to appeal the judges ruling but honestly I don’t see them actually pulling it off.

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