Let’s Talk: MLB Playoff Predictions


Since we are officially in September, MLB playoffs are only weeks away. This means it is time to do some predictions. So let’s start with the division winners.

  • NL
    • East: NY Mets
    • Central: St. Louis Cardinals
    • West: LA Dodgers
    • Wildcards
      • Cubs
      • Pirates
  • AL
    • East: NY Yankees
    • Central: Kansas City Royals
    • West: Houston Astros
    • Wildcards
      • Toronto Blue Jays
      • Texas Rangers

For the overall winners of the NL and AL championships,we have the Cardinals winning in the NL and for the AL, the Yankees.

One question fans may have, is the fact the Blue Jays are giving the Yankee’s a run at the AL East title. But, everyone knows the Yankees post season history and how experienced they really are. I mean, the have A-Rod back this seasons and he is steadily hitting home runs. It also seems like every game he hits one in Brian McCann hits one as well.  He is also a veteran player.  This is an advantage for them and they know how to use it. That is also why we see them going to the World Series.

The most surprising team on this list is probably the Astros. They have been in the AL for only 2 season prior to this season and neither was the best. In 2013, they finished last in the AL West and only won 51 games that season. In 2014, they improved to 4th place and won 70 games. It’s pretty obvious no one seen them winning the division this season. Adding Evan Gattis in the off-season has really worked for them.

Another question is, Cards or the Pirates? Of course! The Pirates are slumping and they real slump win they play teams in their division. So, this leads to, Pirates and Cubs in the wildcard? Yes. The Cubs are slumping as well. Well, at least since they got one a magazine cover. So, this means, 3 NL Central teams in the post season. Right now, they are the most powerful division in baseball. The Cards have been a powerhouse all season long. We predict them to win the World Series. These three teams have been in a battle all season to see which one will come out on top.

Let us know who ya’ll think is going to rule this post season!

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