Big Papi Hits Number 500

In sports, there are always great players. Then, when those great players join previous great players in the history book, it’s good news. Well, on Saturday September 12, David Ortiz joined the 500 club.

The 500 club is when a MLB player hits 500 home runs in their career. But, before we get into his newest milestone,  let’s look back on his career.

From the Dominican Republic, most people probably don’t remember this, but  Ortiz made his MLB debut as a Minnesota Twin. And he actually played there from 1997-2002. His MLB debut was September 2, 1997. In 2003, Ortiz began his career with the Boston Red Sox. His second year with the Red Sox’s brought Ortiz his first World Series Championship, where he was also named AL Championship Series MVP and became the first DH to ever hold that honor. During the 2004 regular season, Big Papi had 41 home runs, one in which was his 100th, 103 RBI’s, and a .301 batting average. He added 5 more home runs, 23 RBI’s to his total during the Red Sox’s journey to the World Series. 2005, Ortiz was the AL RBI leader.  In 2006, Ortiz set the Red Sox’s single-season record for home runs with 54. That season he also lead the AL in home runs and RBI’s.

The 2007 season brought Ortiz and Boston another World Series. His regular season stats were far from basic. He had 35 home  runs, 117 RBI’s, and had .332 batting average. He added 3 home runs and 10 RBI’s that post season.

Jumping forward to 2013, Ortiz and the Red Sox brought another World Series title to Boston. And he added another achievement to his name. Big Papi was named MVP of the World Series. He was in the AL top 10 in home runs, batting average and RBI’s. On September 4, he hit his 2,000 RBI.

Ortiz is the All-Time leader for DH’s in home runs, RBI’s, and hits. He has won 6 Silver Slugger awards and 7 Edgar Martinez awards. From 2004-2008 and 2010-2013 he was an AL All-Star. in 2010, he won the Home Run derby.

On September 12, Big Papi hit home run number 499 at Tampa Bay. Later in that game, he hit home run number 500. He joins Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Mickie Mantle, as the 4th player in MLB History to have 3+ World Series and hit 500 home runs. Ortiz also has 9 season with 30+ home runs, which is most in Red Sox history. His 500th home run is his 34th on the season.

Ortiz, who will be 40 in November, will most likely finish with more than 34 home runs this season. His power hasn’t left him over his career, but now we will get to see how many home runs he finishes his career with.

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