Let’s Talk: The Big Dog vs the Underdog

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In the sports, there are always the great teams, the good/okay teams, and then the not so good teams. So, what happens when the “big dogs” play the under dogs?

Let’s use college football as the first example. The first few weeks of the season we see high ranked teams playing unranked or even “nobody” teams. An example of a game this week is that the University of Georgia plays Southern University. UGA is the number seventh ranked team in the nation.  Both teams are Division One schools but Southern is way smaller.

In Major League Baseball this season, the St. Louis Cardinals are the big dog. The are the first team to clinch a playoff spot and they also have the best record in the MLB. To look at the underdog, we have to focus on the Philadelphia Phillies. When these two teams play each other, everyone expects the Cards to win, but is that always the case? Well, according to Texas Rangers minor league pitcher Kendrick Clyde, that isn’t always the case. Kendrick believes, “No because you can never underestimate your opponent honestly because just because a team doesn’t play good against somebody else but you never know what they are capable of until you let up and then the next thing you know you’re gettin beat.”  Carl Brice, a former college pitcher, has a different outlook on it. He thinks, “ Some of the good teams do. The other ones don’t! They go ahead and dog walk them.” And for the most part, it seems like Brice’s opinion usually turns out to be true.

This past season of the National Basketball Association, everyone knows that the Golden State Warriors took the season to their control and if you beat them you were pretty lucky. That was not the case for the New York Knick or even the Philadelphia 76ers. It was lucky when they beat anyone. So, what would be a reason say the Warriors lost to either the Knicks or the 76ers? According to Damarea Atterbury, it is because, “It’s mostly due  to underestimation and or cockiness. That’s not always the case tho cause some high ranked teams still come through and destroy low ranked teams.”

Does these examples mean it will happen all of the time, or does it sound familiar to you? It’s all according to the day, place, the time, and of course the team. You also have to think about injuries and things like that. So, next time you see a big dog playing an underdog, make a prediction and see if it comes true.

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