MLB Predictions Part 2


Well, I made my first predictions a few weeks ago. So, now since teams have clinched playoff spots, let’s see what has help up so far.

For the NL East, I had the New York Mets winning the division. The Mets clinched over the weekend. I also had the Cardinals, Pirates and Cubs, all NL Central teams, making it to the playoffs. All three teams clinched spots this past week with the Cardinals being the first MLB team to clinch a playoff spot all together. For the NL West, no team has clinched a berth. I had the Dodgers for that spot so we will have to see if it holds up.  So, basically,  no matter what the second game of the division series will be NL Central versus NL Central and so will the Wild Card.

For the AL, there is still a little more room for my predictions to fail. The first team to clinch was the Kansas City Royals. They the AL Central team. The next team to clinch was the Toronto Blue Jays.They haven’t been to the playoffs since 1993. That is 22 years for the none math baseball fans. Where they will be is still the question. The Blue Jays may be the Wild Card team or the AL East team. These next few games for the AL teams still hoping to make the playoffs are going to be very important.

Right now, for the AL Wildcard, it is the Yankees as the first team and then the Houston Astros as the second team. I had the Yankees wining the AL East and the Astros winning the West. My second Wildcard team was the Rangers who are currently in the lead in the West.

Have the predictions ya’ll made still holding up? Or do you not know yet? Let us know!

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