Can They Compare?

Over the years, we have seen a lot of good basketball teams. And they are always getting compared to the previous good teams. But, this season we have the comparison that no one may thought we would.
The Golden State Warriors have been off to a great this season following their winning the championship for the 2014-2015 NBA season. The Warriors have won 15 straight, matching the NBA record with the Houston Rockets in 1993-1994. With their 15 win they past the 1957-1958 Boston Celtics for the best start by a championship team. On Tuesday, if they beat the Los Angeles Lakers, they will have set the NBA record.

But, people are not comparing them to these teams, they are comparing them to the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. This is the Bulls team that finished the season at 72-10 with a win percentage of .878. No other team in NBA history has won 70 games. Last season, the Warriors were 3 short of this milestone. Through the first 15 games, the Bulls went 13 and 2 averaging 103.5 points per game and scoring an average of 125 more points than their opponents. The Warriors average 114.5 ppg and outscore their opponents by an average of 114.5 ppg. At the end of the ’95-’96 season, the Bulls averaged 105.2 ppg and only gave up an average of 92.9 ppg.

Each of these two teams had their version of a big three. For the Bulls, it was Micheal Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen. MJ averaged 30.4 ppg throughout the whole season while Pippen added 19.4 ppg. Rodman averaged 14.9 rebounds per game. MJ’s comparison, Stephen Curry has averaged 32.7 ppg through their first 15 games. Klay Thompson, compared to Pippen adds 16.6 ppg. To round out their big three. Draymond Green has an average on 7.9 rpg. Curry has 400 plus points and 70 plus assists throughout these 15 games.

This years Warriors have actually played without head coach, Steve Kerr. He is out with a surgery he had before the start of the season. Kerr finished second in the votes for NBA Coach of the Year for 2014-2015. His replacement is Luke Walton, originally an assistant coach. The Bulls were coached by Phil Jackson of course.

It is said the Warriors are the better offense and the Bulls had better defense. Only the season will tell us if the Warriors will keep setting recrds.

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