Let’s Talk: Upsets 


In sports, we know our top dogs have a chance to be upset at some point in the season. For men’s college basketball the season begins with tournaments, for most, where you see a lot of big dogs take on “nobodys.” And most fans figured their team will walk all over them but, that’s not always the case. So, the question is, which teams have been upset so far? 
Within the first week of the season we seen first ranked North Carolina lose to Northern Iowa. They dropped from the top of the rankings to 9th. ACC rival Virginia was also upset by George Washington. The dropped from 6th to 12th after the loss. Wisconsin, the only team to beat Kentucky last season, lost to W. Illinois while ranked 17th and dropped out of the Top 25. They then turned around and loss to Georgetown. 

But, this soon in the season you would think that’s all the upsets, right? The answer is NO. 
Let’s begin the rest with Wichita State. They started the season at 9th until they suffered a loss against Tulsa which caused them to drop to 20th. This week they have been upset two more times, once by USC and then by Alabama. They will now most likely drop out of the Top 25. Another team to get upset twice this week is 22nd ranked LSU. Marquette and NC State beat them. They also may drop out of the Top 25. 
Is that enough for you? Well if it isn’t you will be pleased to know the list isn’t finished yet! Next we have 14th ranked California. They got there first upset by San Diego State and the next day by Richmond. One spot down on the Top 25, 15th ranked Miami was upset by Northeastern. 10th ranked Gonzaga and 11th ranked Arizona have also been upset. Zaga was knocked off by 25th ranked Texas A&M. A&M then was upset by Syracuse who also upset 18th ranked UCONN Huskies. Arizona was beat by Providence. Up to 17th, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame was upset by Monmouth. 
With all these upsets in just a few weeks, can you only imagine what all could happen this season? We could see the best teams go down and an underdog win the National Championship. But hey, who knows!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Upsets 

  1. LSU was just beat again by Charleston. They were knocked out of the Top 25 when the new rankings was released today.


  2. 17 ND was now upset by Alabama. 20 Wichita St upset this time by Iowa.


  3. I think a lot of the upset that are happening are coming from lack of serious preparation by teams and thinking that their talent will just overwhelm teams. I also believe some of these teams maybe over hyped and because of there name they get more consideration for the top rankings. I strongly believe the college basketball landscape is changing as far as mid major are becoming better and stronger especially due to the fact that their teams are being led my juniors and seniors vs some of these top rank teams of the power five conference being led by freshmen. Experience can beat talent when talent gets cocky.


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