Undefeated Still? 



A look into the undefeated teams left in NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball. 
There is a total of 5 teams still undefeated as of today, January 9. Two of them come from men’s and three from women’s. 
The first men’s team that is still undefeated is SMU. They are 14-0. SMU started the season unranked but have made their way up to 15th. As a member of the American Conference, they have the best overall record but Houston is only two losses behind them overall. UCF and Memphis are undefeated in the conference. SMU’s next game is Sunday, January 10, against UCF. One will leave the game still undefeated in the conference. 
The first women’s team still undefeated is the reigning champions, UCONN. This undefeated run is coming off of a one loss season last year. Notable games for them so far this season has been against the 3rd ranked ladies of Notre Dame, who lost to UCONN in the National Championship game and then against Maryland, who they faced in the Final Four last season. Many believe they will remain undefeated at least until February when they face the 2nd ranked South Carolina Gamecocks. 
The second men’s team and second women’s team have something in common. They hail from the same school. That is the University of South Carolina. Which makes them the only D1 school with two undefeated teams. For the women, this is familiar territory for them. They finished last season with three losses, the first not coming until they faced UCONN in February and the second was against Kentucky which caused the to tie with Tennessee for the regular season SEC title. They went on to win the SEC tournament title. The final loss of the season was in the Final Four against Notre Dame. For the men, this isn’t something they are used to. This is their best start of a season since the 1933-1934 season. They are ranked 22nd and are 15-0 overall, 2-0 in the SEC. The women are currently ranked 2nd and are 14-0 as the take on number 20 Missouri in their third SEC game of the season. 

The final women’s undefeated team is the Texas Longhorn. They are 15-0 as well. Last season they finished with a record of 24-11, with a conference play record of 9-9. They finished the season with a lose in the Sweet Sixteen. So far this season they have wins over ranked opponents as in Tennessee, Mississippi St., Stanford, and Oregon St. As the number 4 team in NCAA Women’s basketball we look to see if the Longhorns will remain undefeated. 
We can only take it one game at a time, but for the women, these two teams will look to still be undefeated when they meet up in Columbia in February. Talk Sports wish all four teams good luck on the rest of the season.

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