Let’s Talk: Dear Bama 

Dear Bama’s MBB fans, 

Your football team won the National Championship. Some players were in the in the building during this game. Including your Heisman winner. Your coach even commented that he hasn’t seen the crowd like that in years. Yes, ya’ll upset one of the last teams undefeated but ya’ll acting like little bitches. Not the team, the fans. What ya’ll don’t realize is that they still have the best record in the SEC and will still make the tournament. Also, to bust your upset bubble, you apparently have forgot Bama upset Wichita State when they were ranked one spot lower than SC. Wichita St was ranked 9th just the week before they played Bama. Ya’ll did not act like this win you upset them, so why now? Because you got your first SEC win? Or was it just because they were undefeated? Guess what Bama fans, the only other them that was and still is undefeated cannot even play in the NCAA Tournament. So, ya’ll are talking all this junk but what if that’s who ya’ll will be playing in the SEC tournament? Missouri is completely out of it so that can really switch things up. If ya’ll lose to us then, what will be y’all’s reaction. Could ya’ll actually be able to congratulate them? Or will ya’ll walk off and not say anything to them or on the internet. Ya’ll had a hot shooting night, SC was off for the first time this season. But at the end of the day, SC is still the better team.
And by the way, if we was really rocking with ya’ll this loss would’ve bother us too. But, like Frank Martin said, “we needed this.” 

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