Let’s Talk: 76ers 


We all think, oh this team has a bad record, so the are a bad team. But, is that always true? Good teams lose? So, how can you judge a team just by wins? Well, LET’S TALK. 

Right now, the Philadelphia 76ers have the worst record in the NBA. They have a total of 5 games in the wins column. The opening week for the NBA is always the week of Halloween. It took them all the way until December 1st to get their first win. One of, it not the absolute worse start in NBA history. This pretty much says, this team sucks and their season is already down the drain. 
Who do you blame this on? The players or coaches? Is it a defensive or offensive problem? From a certain standpoint, it seems more defensive. How so? Well, to have lost all those games they honestly didn’t get blown out in the majority of them. Also, they were putting up points. There was plenty of 90 to 100 point games   

You are probably thinking, “most that score that high wins the game.” But, for the 76ers it hasn’t been so true. This is why it seems to be a defensive problem. 

The lack of wins even have the parents of the players speaking out. This includes their first round draft pick, Jahlil Okafor’s father. And who is to blame him? His son was a college star and went in the Top 5 of the draft so he really wants to see his son and his team to be successful. Okafor, personally hasn’t slacked off with all the losses. He puts up double digit points and rebounds a night. But, he can’t win the games alone. 
Every sport has it’s worst team. That’s just how things go. The 76ers is that team and has been one of those teams in the past for the NBA. We will never know when this teams luck will turn around. 
Like people say, Offense sells tickets and defense wins games.

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