Let’s Talk: Top 25 


Everyone knows someone who doesn’t agree with the AP Top 25 in any sport. Basketball is no different. And I happen to be one of those people. Ex: How are you undefeated or 16-1 and not number one and two? Beats me! But, I’ve decided to make my own Top 25. 

Let me know how ya’ll feel about it:

1. Kansas 

2. Nova 

3. Oklahoma 

4. Xavier 

5. SMU

6. UNC 

7. W. Virigina

8. Maryland 

9. South Carolina

10. Iowa

11. A&M

12. Mich St

13. Arizona

14. Duke

15. UVA

16. Iowa St

17. Baylor

18. Miami

19. Providence

20. Kentucky

21. Lousiville

22. Butler

23. USC

24. Purdue

25. Clemson

Please be reminded, this is based on the Top 25, prior to this weeks upsets/etc being factored in. 

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