Fan Forum: Was the Cavs firing Blatt a smart or dumb decision? 


The Cleveland Cavaliers made a coaching decision this past week that left a few happy, but more confused. The Cavs fired Head Coach, David Blatt, almost half way through his second season as HC. 
So, what did he do while he was there. Im his first season as a NBA HC, he had a 53-29 record, which included winning the Eastern Conference and making a trip to the NBA Finals. The lost in the finals to the Golden State Warriors but who else can say the went to the finals their first year as coach? His postseason record is 14-6, well over the .500 mark. He also won Eastern Conference Coach of the Month in March. 
This season, Blatt was leading the best team in the east, with a record of 30-11 before he was fired. He also won Eastern Conference Coach of the Month again in both October and November. 
So, why fire him? Most believe it was the lack of support and respect in the locker room. Did him not having any NBA experience lead to this? Or could he just not handle coaching big name players like LeBron James and Kevin Love. I mean, when he signed on he was there to coach Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson. LeBron hadn’t made his decision to come back home yet nor had they signed Kevin Love. Then they signed JR Smith and Iman Shumpert half way through the season which added two more veterans to his already big named roster. Is it his fault or should management be the cause of the problem? We took two social media to ask fans what they thought of the situation. 
The question they were asked was: 

Was the Cavs firing Blatt a smart or dumb decision? 
Lucas Denny replied,” Smart. Tyronn Lue is the coach the Cavs respect. David Blatt never had the locker room. When you coach a player like LeBron, you have to be a known winner. David Blatt was placed in a situation that he couldn’t handle. Lue will be better for the team.” 
Donovan McCleese commented,” To be honest it doesn’t matter who coaches them when they have LeBron. It’s his team and what he says goes. He never like Blatt from the beginning. He disrespected him a few times. LeBron never disrespected any of his coaches. With a team like the Cavaliers they don’t need a coach like Tyronn Lue. They need a Popovich to put them in check and give them a system. They can’t win big games because they only have talent and that’s not enough.” 

With any professional team, your job is never a sure thing. Blatt just proved that to be more true than ever. If you have a different take on the situation, join the conversation and leave us a comment. 

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