Music: Phoenix Nueve


Name- Phoenix W. 

Stage name- Phoenix Nueve 


Location- Oakland, CA

What made you get interested in music?

“Umm I would have to say my overall passion for music just came from being born and raised in Oakland in the 90s. Back in the days I remember listening to Ice Cube Next Episode and the Notorious BIG Going back to Cali. Just being exposed to so much different music on the streets like Too Short and E-40. Not to mention I talk fast so when I started writing poetry because I like expressing myself, when i would recite it to a friend they would think I was rapping because I talked fast so I stuck with rapping. I’ve wanted to be a rapper since I was about 9 years old probably younger.”

What is your dream within music?

“My dream with music to become a well-known person and use my status to bring awareness to homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, world hunger, animal rights, women rights, and most importantly protecting the environment. Its more than just music, music is just the beginning, do I see myself being a rapper forever? No is that my life choice no. If rapping doesn’t work I want to have my own TV or radio show. If not ill fall back on a Master’s degree and be a counselor.

What message are you trying to send to your listeners?

“Besides safely have fun (turn up), overall I want my fans to be awake and never give up. Yea I make party music and talk about women and drugs but I’m sharing my life experiences. There’s more to my music than that, the songs just haven’t been released yet. All in all I want to send a positive message to my fans, celebrate the good times, stay strong and have faith during the bad and pay attention to what’s happening in the world.”

Who is your favorite artist beside yourself?

“My top artists are 2 Pac, 50 Cent, Fabulous, MGK, Bow Wow and Eminem.”

What is your favorite song from an artist other than yourself?

“Wow I have so many to choose from. I like End of the Road by MGK and I also like Same Love by Malcamore.”

What is your favorite song of yours?

“Hmmm I would have to say Hit N Run. It’s my first single and the first song I recorded on my own. I had so much fun in the studio, it was all high energy!

What ways can fans get to your music and interact with you?

“Fans can get my music on Soundcloud they can stream or download it. My music will soon be on iTunes, Google play, and Spotify. Everyone can follow me on Instagram at phxnine.”



To listen to her music follow the links below.


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