Let’s Talk: The Braves and Fredi G. 

For a team that’s off to the worst start in team history, why should people be upset they fired Fredi Gonzalez? 
Honestly, he isn’t a bad manager at all! He lead the Braves to a NL East title and two wild card games, one ending in a trip to the NL Division series. He has a .506 winning percentage as a manager. 
For baseball, him being fired mean there are no Latino managers in MLB. 
Why should we be sad to see him go? 

He was basically hand picked by Bobby Cox to be the manager after he retired. Everyone thought it the day he became the Marlins manager. Cox was getting older, retirement had to be soon so let Fredi get a few years of experience. The Marlins weren’t the best team but he was only 3 games under .500 as their manager. He has dealt with a lot as manager: 

  1. Having to replace a legend like Bobby. 
  2. Losing your leader to retirement as well. Chipper Jones. 
  3. The bad trades/free agents : Craig Kimbrel, Jason Heyward, Andrelton Simmons. Justin Upton. List could go on. 
  4. The bad deals: Dan Uggla and sadly Melvin Upton Jr. 
  5. Basically all the rebuilding and cleaning out their salary cap. They have no big names left. 
  6. Change in upper management. New stadium being built(for no reason). 
  7. And a player’s arrest this season. 

People should be surprised he wasn’t running for the door. But, he kept in there. He wasn’t giving up on them. He tried a new line up, moving the pitcher to the 8 spot instead of 9. Not sending down a rookie when the starter returned for injury. Sending opening day starters down and calling players up. He was at least trying. 
All in all, you can only work with what you are given. And I wish him nothing but the best. I’ve never heard a bad thing about him. 
Now, who should be his replacement? Brian Snitker, another former 3B coach has been called up from his job as manager of the Braves triple-A team. They have people already on payroll like Terry Pendleton, Bo Porter, Eddie Perez and Snicker that’s all very well capable of the job and knows the players. Personally I would push TP or Porter. Especially, Terry, he has been around forever. He was there with Cox, he knows how the team should be ran. His no games attitude is always good. But, since he has been there for years, why wasn’t he approached when Cox retired? Or was he and he just don’t want to be manager? Maybe now he will take it if they offer. I mean, they did move him from 1B to bench coach in the moves they made today. Maybe that’s a sign. 
Chipper Jones name has came up as well. He signed on as a special assistant this season after them offering him the hitting coach job. As good as he will be, I just don’t think he is ready for that lermant of a title so shortly after he retired but maybe I’m wrong on that too. 
I guess we will have to find out! 
Comment below what you think should come next and how you feel about the moves Atlanta made today. 

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