Saints and Pelicans Owner Claims He is Trying to be Killed. 

New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans owner Tom Benson,88, claims he is trying to be killed. But, the more shocking part is by who! His own daughter Renee and her children, his grandchildren. 

This may be because since 2015, he has been planning to cut the three, Renee, granddaughter Rita and grandson Ryan, out of being his successors. 

He claims they tried to attack him and also began picking on his wife when he was under the weather. He even says the took him to court trying to say he was crazy. The court rejected the case, as well as the Louisiana Supreme Court. 

Benson wants to leave his business to his wife Gayle (2004). This began the start of his children’s battle against him. In 2014, Renee also became physical with Gayle. 

As of now, he still plans to leave everything to his wife. 

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