Former Boise State Player Arrested 

Former Boise State football player Dereck Boles is being extradited to Ada County, Idaho, for allegedly biting off a portion of a Bronco teammate’s ear.
Boles is being charged by the Boise Police Department with a felony count of mayhem for the incident on Feb. 12. 
Boles was dismissed from the team in late February for violation of team rules. 

Boles’ bond at $75,000. 
According to Idaho statute, a person who has committed mayhem “unlawfully and maliciously deprives a human being of a member of his body, or disables, disfigures or renders it useless, or cuts out or disables the tongue, puts out an eye, slits the nose, ear or lip”. It carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in state prison.(ESPN) 

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