Starr Steps Down as Chancellor for Baylor 

Kenneth Starr,69, is resigning as chancellor at Baylor. But, he will continue to teach in the law school. 
Starr had been removed as school president last week, but he was being transitioned into a full-time chancellor role and was allowed to continue to teach at the law school. 

Starr said that he was not consulted regarding Briles’ dismissal. He accepted that the independent report by the law firm of Pepper Hamilton found legitimate issues with the football program, but he also said Briles “is a person of genuine character.”


Starr is also known for investigating former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s affair with a White House intern. He has served as president of Baylor since June 1, 2010. And in November 2013, the regents also appointed him as chancellor. No on had the a position since 2006. 
Also, while Starr was president he has been involved with several fundraising initiatives. His most notably one being him raising $120 million in donations to help pay for a new stadium. 

Starr was popular among students for his participation in the “Baylor Line,” a school tradition in which freshman students wear yellow shirts and rush the field before home football games, and he was often seen at other sporting events.

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