Bogut Out for 6-8 Weeks 

With an injury in game 5, Andrew Bogut will miss the remainder of the NBA Finals. He did avoid a major knee injury. 
His knee will not require surgery but will have him out for 6-8 weeks. 

After a MRI, it showed Bogut has two bone bruises to the proximal tibia and the distal femur. 
In game 5, Bogut collided with J.R.Smith which caused his knee, that was fully extended, to go backward. 

In this series alone, Bogut had 10 blocks, 5 came in game 2 alone. 

He did travel with the team to Cleveland. 

Bogut has one season left on his contract worth $11 million. 

4 thoughts on “Bogut Out for 6-8 Weeks 

  1. Huge blow. Not so much because of Bogut’s impact, but because their back ups are a steep drop off. Anderson Varejao seems shocked everyone time he makes a half way decent play.


    1. I feel like Varejao is playing scared because he knows more about this Cavs team than anyone else. The Warriors will miss his blocks the most. He wasnt playing many minutes or putting up huge numbers in this series. It will be interesting to see how Kerr works the subs now.

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      1. The Minutes is a good point. Having him in the rotation allowed them to keep subbing, which allowed everyone to be fresh. The Warriors tend to play about 3 more players in a game than their opponents. Well see if Varejeo is able to play extended minutes.


      2. I think he can handle the minutes but has to watch fouls. LeBron has said he is a flopper.

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