Home Run Derby Recap 


1. Mark Trumbo vs 8. Corey Seager:

  • Trumbo advances hitting 16 HRs to Seager’s 15. 

4. Robinson Cano vs 5. Giancarlo Stanton

  • Stanton’s 24 HRs topped Cano’s 7, advancing him to the second round. 

2. Todd Frazier vs 7. Carlos Gonzalez 

  • The 2015 Champion Frazier hit a total of 13 HRs to top Gonzalez’s 12. 

3. Adam Duvall vs 6. Wil Myers 

  • Myers hit 10 HRs but it wasn’t enough as Duvall hit 12 to advance. 


1. Trumbo vs 5. Stanton 

  • The lowest seed left, Stanton followed his 24 HRs by hitting 17 more in the semi-finals while Trumbo only hit 14. 

2. Frazier vs 3. Duval

  • Cool and calm Fraizer took his time to hit 16 HRs, while Duval was one short, only hitting 15 HRs. 


2. Frazier vs 5. Stanton 

  • As the lower seed Stanton was to hit first. His 41 HRs in round 1 and 2 combined tied the total of most HRs hit in a derby (all rounds). He then hit 20 more in his final at-bat to make 61 HRs a new derby record. The pressure is now on Frazier to defend his title. Coming up short, Frazier only hit 13 HRs making Giancarlo Stanton the 2016 MLB Home Run Derby Champion!! 

Congratulations to all the contestants in the HR Derby! 

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