Houston’s Hacker Sentenced




For one of the most of the more prominent baseball franchise, an employee or now former employee hacking into another team’s database would look bad. Well, for the St.Louis Cardinals, that fear came true.


From 2013-2014, Christopher Correa accessed accounting logs and personal player information from the Houston Astros. According to the Washington Post, he accessed around 188 documents from a file named “Ground Control.”  


Correa had worked for the organization since 2009 and was a scouting director. In the beginning, he claimed to only access the information because he thought the Astros was stealing information from the Cardinals. He was fired in July of 2015 and was later charged in December of the same year.


Until he went to court, what he was exactly charged with had been sealed from public record. He pleaded guilty to five counts of unauthorized access to computer information. The hack cost there Astros over $1 million.


Today, he was sentenced to 46 months in prison and was ordered to pay $279,038 in restitution.


Correa read a letter before he was sentenced explaining how shameful he is and that he regretted his actions.


The Cardinals may face punishment by MLB as well for Correa’s actions.


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