Gordon to Replace Earnhardt for 2 Races




When in help in NASCAR, who do you call? Well, if you are Dale Earnhardt Jr., you call a former rival.

Earnhardt, who missed the last race because of concussion like symptoms, will also miss the next two Sprint Cup races. Retired racer, Jeff Gordon, will replace him in those races.

This Sunday’s race is at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, while next week’s is at Pocono.


Gordon, retired at the end of the 2015 season. He has been a part of the Hendrick Motorsports team while racing in his #24 car. And as he retired, he did mention that a return every now and again wasn’t completely out. This season, he has attended almost all of the races including working telecasts for Fox Sports.

He has also won in Indianapolis 5 times over his career.

“I think Jeff will do well,” team owner Rick Hendrick said Sunday when talking about the possibility of Gordon’s return. “He’s won that race a lot of times.

Earnhardt has said to be suffering nausea and a battle with balance. He crashed at Michigan on June 12 and then again on July 2 at Daytona. In 2012, he also missed two races in a six week time period because of concussions also. With missing these races, Earnhardt will most likely slip in the standings. He underwent more test early this week and will not travel to the two races Gordon is replacing him in.


If Gordon will race more than just these two races for Earnhardt is unknown at this time. If he does, it may effect the year he is able to be inducted into the Nascar Hall of Fame. A spokesman for NASCAR has said that they will evaluate this once the number of races Gordon drives for Earnhardt is final.

For the first time in his career, Gordon will be driving a car that is not his #24 car. He will be driving the #88 car instead.

After these two races there are six more regular season races.


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