Cowboys’ Rookie Accused of Domestic Violence 

From having the number one selling jersey to being accused of domestic violence is not your typical week. But, for Ezekiel Elliott, that is how his has went. 
According to the Columbus, Ohio police report, the women, Tiffany Thompson, said to be his former live-in girlfriend, Elliott has assaulted her more than once over the past week. 
The Cowboys are not unfamiliar with domestic violence as they have had Greg Hardy on their team in recent years and are aware of the claims against Elliott. The NFL will also review the case. 

Elliott, a former Ohio State standout, claims he did not assault her nor did he ever live with her. 

The assault she claims happened, was committed in a car with a witness in the car. The police were told by her that her right wrist was hurt and had a red mark on it. The witness claimed they did not see an assault happen. There are also 3 more witnesses. 

The victim posted photos on her Instagram showing the bruises she has and she even tagged Elliott in one of the posts. 

Elliott has not been charged with any crime at this time. 

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