Former Cardinals DT Set to Retire Monday 

One of the best pass-rushers on Arizona Cardinals history is said to be hanging up his cleats. DT Darnell Dockett will retire Monday, July 25. 

Dockett, 35, is seventh all time in Cardinals’ history with 40.5 sacks. In 2007, he had a career high 9 sacks and tied a Super Bowl record in SB XLIII with 3 sacks. He also has three pro-bowls under his belt. 
Before being drafted by the Cardinals in 2004, Dockett played at Florida State.
Dockett tore his ACL in 2014 and was then cut by the Cardinals by February 2015. He then signed with the San Francisco 49ers but was released before the start of the season. 

Dockett is known for an uncensored attitude. Fans have made him a social-media sensation. He has live-tweeted traffic stops, proclaimed his love on Twitter for actresses and talk-show hosts. He has even live-streamed himself taking a shower to win a $1,000 bet in 2010.

He has also drawn attention from PETA first when he said he was bringing a pet alligator to training camp and a few years later he claimed to own a baby tiger. And then there were Dockett’s animals.
We wish him the best of luck in retirement. 


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