Let’s Talk: Our Motto

“The passion for the game transformed into the passion for the details.”


Being an athlete, you never want your playing career to end. No matter if it is ending your playing days after high school, college, or ending a professional career. Alex Rodriguez said it best, “No athlete ever ends his or her career the way you want to. We all want to play forever. But it doesn’t work that way.”


So, what does come after your playing days? For professional athletes, do you go home and be a parent? For high school do you go to college and pursue a career or even try to walk onto a team? After college, do you just pursue a job in your degree field or chase those dreams of playing professionally? This answer will vary from who you ask. Some say they know that their playing days are over and are fine with it. Some struggle with life after sports.


Then you have some that wonder how to fulfill the passion they still have for sports. For us at Talk Sports, we transformed that passion for playing the game we love into the passion for the details behind that game. Just because you do not play your favorite sport(s) anymore doesn’t mean the passion for them should or would just die off. If you are truly passionate about the sport like you say you are, it wouldn’t go away that easily anyways.


Now, “The passion for the game transformed into the passion for the details.” is our sites motto. It started off as a caption for an Instagram picture saying. “ You smile everyday but you say something is still missing. The passion for the game transformed into the passion for the details.”


Anyone struggling with life after sports, feel free to reach out to us for help. If your passion for your game hasn’t burned out yet and you feel like writing or talking about sports is an option for you also contact us about becoming a writer for us.

Contact Information & to Learn More About Us:

  • e-mail: kelsey.woods@lander.edu
  • Facebook: Kelsey Ceara Woods
  • Instagram: @kelseycearaa


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