Let’s Talk: Orioles Adam Jones

As the Colin Kaepernick conversation continues, Adam Jones has now spoke out. The Orioles outfielder had the discussion of why isn’t sitting or kneeling for the Anthem transferring over to Major League Baseball.




“Baseball is a white man’s sport.”

“We already have two strikes against us already,” Jones said, “so you might as well not kick yourself out of the game. In football, you can’t kick them out. You need those players. In baseball, they don’t need us.”

At first, people mind’s probably thought, “but there are a lot of African-American players in baseball.” But, in fact, only 8% of all players in Major League Baseball are African-American. Those they may consider to be African-American most likely are the Latin players. 30% of MLB is Latino. That 30% isn’t treated like American players are.

The 8% translates to only having 69 African-American players on the 2016 Opening Day Roster. That is 30 teams with a 25-man roster.

As a fan of the game, my mind went to the fact that there is barely any African-American managers and no Latino managers. There are two black managers, Dusty Baker of the Washington Nationals and Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers. There are only one African-American  general manager and no owners. When the Atlanta Braves fired Fredi Gonzalez there was no Latino managers or owners and only one general manager.

It seems that the only step MLB has done to increase the minorities in baseball is to hire actual translators instead of having players to translate for other players.

David Ortiz had spoke out about the lack Latin Americans in higher levels of baseball.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Mets


“It’s all right there. The opportunities, they speak for themselves. Compare the number of Latinos with the number of Latino managers, you know what I’m saying?


“Sometimes I get so frustrated about it. But you can’t wait for anyone to give you something. Sometimes I tell the young guys, ‘Be smart. Save, because there won’t be anything here for you when it’s done. Make as much money as you can in the game, and get your black ass out.'”

CC Sabathia was asked did he think baseball players follow the likes of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James and he simply said, ” No, You can’t do that in this sport.”


Former MLB mamanger Tony La Russa has been one to speak out against Jones’ comments.



“When he says it’s a white, like elitist, kind of sport, I mean how much wronger can he be? We have tried so hard, the MLB, to expand the black athletes’ opportunity.” “We want the black athletes to pick not basketball or football, but want them to play baseball; they should play baseball. And we’re working to make that happen in the inner cities. We have a lot of Latin players. We have players from the Pacific Rim.”


“It’s very difficult in the inner cities to get black athletes to play the game.” “So what [MLB is doing is] expanding the opportunity so the black athlete gets a chance.”

La Russa then trys to get the focus on, baseball is the better sport for young athletes because of less injuries, which lately isn’t so true. Especially if they want to be pitchers.

La Russa was even asked would he let players sit during the National Athem.

“I would tell [a player that wanted to sit out the anthem to] sit inside the clubhouse. ”  “You’re not going to be out there representing our team and our organization by disrespecting the flag. No, sir, I would not allow it. … If you want to make your statement, you make it in the clubhouse, but not out there. You’re not going to show it that way publicly and disrespectfully.”

Then he was asked would he stop that player from playing. His responses was;

“No, he’d play the game, but he wouldn’t be out there sitting down.” “He’d go in the locker room and make his protest.”

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