Boxer Dinamita Dies at 23

Argentine boxer Hugo Alfredo “Dinamita” Santillan died Thursday from injuries suffered in Saturday’s draw against Uruguayan fighter Eduardo Javier Abreu. He was 23.

Santillan underwent surgery for a clot in his brain and twice went into cardiorespiratory failure before he died of cardiac arrest at 12:35 a.m. Thursday.

Santillan pro debut in 2015. Eight of his 19 victories came by knockout. He was the son of fighter Hugo Alfredo Santillan and was from Santa Fe, the same region as Marcos Rene “Chino” Maidana.

Santillan’s nose began to bleed in the fourth round. Though he raised his arm in victory after the fight, he passed out as the judges were announcing the draw against Abreu (10-1-1).

Dr. Graciela Olocco from Hospital Agudos San Felipe confirmed the death on Thursday morning to media outlets.

“Upon admission to the hospital, he had successive kidney failure and he did not come out of his coma,” Olocco said. “He had swelling of his brain and he never recovered consciousness. The swelling continued to worsen, and it affected the functioning of the rest of his organs.”

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